Emmy Eats: MINNESOTA STATE FAIR – fried cheese curds, BUCKET of hot cookies, Pronto Pup, a foot-long

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The #Minnesota #State #Fair is the largest in the nation and hosts over 2 million people in a 12-day stretch, and serves tons of fair fare. I'm tasting the classics including a Pronto Pup, freshly fried fries, deep fried cheese curds, roasted corn on the cob, a bucket of hot chocolate chip cookies, and a foot-long hot dog. *Burp* New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 8 pm EST. Join the #emmymade League of Adventuresome Eaters & find me here: SUBSCRIBE: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=emmymadeinjapan TWITTER: https://twitter.com/emmymadeinjapan
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My BEE CHANNEL: emmymade http://bit.ly/1zK04SJ This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to eat some fair food. Disclaimer:
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